Torre Molins Facilities

Our facilities are accessible by road to make it easier for farmers and our distributors. They are a complex of newly-constructed buildings, where there are everything neccesary to fruit manipulation and packing. Our facilities respect every requirements of hygiene and quality that our product should have.

Our facilities include:

Warehouse: which receives every fruit that directly comes from the ffarmers' field.

Refrigerated chambers: where fruit is pre-cooled and stored before their manipulation. Currently, Torre Molins has several refrigerated chambers where fresh fruit waits before the next process in optimal  temperature and humidity conditions, keeping the freshly plucked fruit properties.

Calibrators machines: In the handing area, we have two calibrators with four and two smart lines where our qualified staff packs the product previously selected according to its weight and size.

Loading bay: where fruit loads in the trucks that will take it to the sale's points.

Offices: Finally, we supervise every processes in our offices. Wekeep working at having a highest quality products, the really expected quality of a natural and fresh product.

Torre Molins has its own fruit plantations with all technical and human resources neccessaries to your farm. Here is the trick: we know how things have to being done in order to get a quality result, we know our product.


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